Your firm completed roofing my villa yesterday. I wish this opportunity of congratulating your crew for doing an excellent job. I base this on their very hard work and complete clean up after each day.

I must tell you of my happy experience dealing with Gilileo Roofing. Not only did they do a beautiful job, but when I accidently wrote the check out for the wrong amount, Mr. Gilileo personally brought me a check for the overpayment. This is the type of people I like to deal with.

Thanks for the beautiful new roof. Could not let this opportunity go by without telling you that I think the world's a better place because of people as nice as you. You went above and beyond the roof job.

I want to thank you for the quick and good service in repairing my roof.

A brief note of thanks and appreciation for your special efforts in assisting me in my emergency situation by replacing the damaged roof vent on short notice. Had it rained prior to your quick response I would have had a bad interior flood.